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Private Dining

Private Dining at Middle Aston House

Welcome to Middle Aston House, where private dining is elevated to an art form. Whether you’re a corporate group seeking an intimate, exclusive dining experience or an individual looking to celebrate with friends and family, our private dining rooms are your canvas for creating cherished memories.

Exclusivity Meets Exceptional Dining

Corporate gatherings demand an atmosphere that’s both professional and welcoming. At Middle Aston House, we provide private dining rooms that cater exclusively to your group. Immerse yourself in a distraction-free environment, where discussions flow seamlessly, and connections deepen.

Our private dining experiences are more than just meals; they’re opportunities to foster collaboration, build relationships, and celebrate achievements. Tailored menus, impeccable service, and a tranquil setting ensure your corporate event is not only productive but also memorable.

Celebrate Your Way

At the heart of Middle Aston House’s private dining experience lies a commitment to culinary excellence. The dedicated team of master chefs takes pride in crafting a menu that tantalizes the senses and celebrates the bounty of the local region. From farm-fresh produce to the finest cuts of meat, every ingredient is meticulously sourced to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

But it’s not just the quality of the ingredients that sets Middle Aston House apart—it’s the artistry with which they are transformed into culinary masterpieces. The chefs’ creative prowess shines through in each dish, combining traditional British flavours with innovative techniques to create a symphony of taste. From delicate canapés to indulgent main courses and divine desserts, every morsel is a testament to the chefs’ dedication to their craft.

Why Choose Middle Aston House for Private Dining?

Exclusive Dining Rooms: Every group enjoys the privilege of a private dining room, ensuring uninterrupted discussions and focused meetings. For personal celebrations, our intimate spaces create an ambiance of togetherness. 

Tailored Menus: Our culinary team crafts menus that cater to your specific preferences and dietary requirements. From delectable starters to sumptuous desserts, every dish is a work of art.

Impeccable Service: Our dedicated staff is committed to making your private dining experience flawless. Attentive and professional, they ensure every detail is perfected. 

Historic Charm: Middle Aston House’s rich history adds a unique touch to your dining experience. The elegant surroundings and picturesque views enhance your celebration.

Make Your Reservation

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a personal celebration, Middle Aston House invites you to savor the moments in style. Discover the exquisite flavors, warm ambiance, and unmatched hospitality that await you.

To reserve your private dining experience or inquire about customizing your event, please contact us. We look forward to creating unforgettable memories with you.

Room Specifications

Lounge – Main House

Our lounge area is dual aspect, overlooking the front lawn and our lake. It is a bright and airy room which can accommodate 55 guests for an informal reception and 45 for a more formal dining experience.

This room leads to the bar and onto the terrace, in short making it a perfect room for either a wedding reception or celebration.

Bar & Terrace – Main House

Our terrace and rose garden is the perfect location for a BBQ or hog roast, connected to the bar and overlooking the lake and grounds, it is ideal for a relaxed event.

We can accommodate 30 guests for an informal dining experience.