Corporate Training, Meetings, and Events

Middle Aston House

We’ve missed you!

It’s been a second long lockdown, but we’re delighted to say that we will be re-opening on Thursday 3rd December for all of your meeting, training, or learning and development needs

We’re looking forward to being able to see so many friends, colleagues and guests that we’ve been unable to see over the last few weeks!

What’s Changed?

To ensure that we’re COVID-Secure, we’ve had to make a couple of little tweaks to the way we operate to keep you and our staff safe.

There is a one-way system in place that runs throughout the house (with stickers so you can’t get lost!)  Your Tea/Coffee breaks will now take place in your meeting room to avoid crossing with other groups and your lunches will be plated in one of our five dining rooms (orders taken throughout the day.)  For those of you staying overnight on our 24hr DDR, the only difference you will see in your evening meal is that drinks orders are taken from the table.

We’ve worked hard to be able to keep that home away from home feel that we all know and love about Middle Aston House!

Team Building - Middle Aston House
Middle Aston House
Team Building - Middle Aston House

What can you do?

You’re still able to do everything you could do with us before lockdown 2 without any issues. We’re still open for conferencing, meetings and events for you and if you’re looking at running teambuilding sessions then the grounds are still available for you to use.  If you require any facilitators or you’re looking to run some training but just need a little help with the details, get in touch and we’ll be able to help!

This year we will be re-opening our Escape Room, built by Aston Martini, the room at Middle Aston House was sealed in the late ’50s but was reopened in 2017 by the current owners. Refurbished and renamed the Enigma Cell in recognition of the greatest decryption of the last century, we’re ready for you to come and top the leaderboard.  Get in touch…if you’re brave enough!

Christmas 2020

The annual Christmas party is the highlight of the year for most workplaces to celebrate the year gone by.   We know that 2020 has been tough on businesses across the globe and that thanking your team is going to be tougher than ever!

To celebrate the upcoming year, why not book in a meeting to see your team face to face and celebrate with a three-course dinner in one of our 5 private dining rooms?  Follow this with a couple of drinks, some games and a daring puzzle challenge in our escape rooms.  You could even finish the night with accommodation so that the whole team is able to relax.

Christmas - Middle Aston House

Contact Jenny Soria on the details below to chat about

how we’re able to help in December and into 2021

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