Meeting & Conference Energisers

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Change the tempo of your meeting, conference or training course and get some air into the lungs of your delegates with some active energiser sessions focused on trust, problem solving and team working.

Our activity-driven sessions can last from 30 minutes to half a day in duration and are designed according to your requirements. They are ideal to re-energise your delegates and promote team working.

Business benefits include

  • Energising groups during meetings and conferences, thus improving delegates’ energy and focus for the more formal meeting content, presentations and seminars
  • The opportunity to focus on promoting team building to the assembled group (as we have them all in one room for once)

Activities include

Grass Ski’s, Discs, Equilibrium, Bivouac, Facts & Figures, Horizontal Pipe, Traffic Jam, Holy Pipe, Gem Retrieval, Wild Woosey, Tangram, Numberpunch.

Call us now to arrange an informal visit, or to take the first steps planning your event on 01869 340361, or email